Zeramex Ceramic Implants      Metal-Free Dental Implants Melbourne                  

Feel Healthy and Happy – 100% Metal-Free

The two-piece ZERAMEX ceramic implants are not only made from the metal-free zirconia material, they are also screw-retained without any metal. Therefore, the high-performance ceramic may be used in many cases of metal intolerance as well as in immune and metabolic diseases,  (e.g. diabetes) and as a holistic approach. A special side effect is reduced plaque affinity.

Revolutionary non-metal implants for the ultimate in aesthetics and safety

Traditionally, dental implants are made of titanium. Titanium is an extremely strong metal and it will continue to be used for many implant cases. However, some patients have metal sensitivities and don’t want titanium implants.

The ZERAMEX implant system provides patients with metal-free implant and restorative solutions.

The zirconia advantage

ZERAMEX is an all-zirconia dental implant.

At the turn of the 21st century the ZERAMEX implant was created. ZERAMEX is an all-zirconia implant that’s acid-etched to increase its contact with the bone. Zirconia is not a metal. It is a ceramic material that is beautifully esthetic and many say has increased biocompatability over traditional implants.

ZERAMEX versatility

ZERAMEX can be used in single tooth replacement. Sometimes it can be used for multiple teeth. Dr. Abron continues to place titanium implants because of their great track record. ZERAMEX is an excellent option for patients who desire a metal-free solution. 

In Washington DC, Dr. Abron is the only authorized provider of the all-zirconia ZERAMEX implant.    

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